Amazing Street Performance!

Do you know 'Blue Man Group'??

Blue Man Group is a creative organization originally from NY. The organization produces theatrical shows and concerts featuring music, comedy and multimedia in all over the world!
(Link to Blue Man Group: )

As I informed on the J-Hoppers Hiroshima's blog, we had two back band members of Blue Man Group in Tokyo here at J-Hoppers Hiroshima the other day.

They had street performance on Motoyasu Bridge in the Peace memorial Park everyday while they were in Hiroshima.

Yuichi Fujisawa(Lou) played Dulcimer and Shuki Maeta played Djembe.

It was AMAZING! Everyone stopped to listen to it. It was my first time to see Dulcimer. The sound is kind of similar to Japanese instrument, Koto and very beautiful.

On that day, their music expanded to the world from the Peace Park.

They will come back to perform again.
So please keep checking this blog for the informations!

Lou, Shuki, we will see you soon again!=)


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