Coolest Tattoo !!

On the other day I was shown a tattoo by a guest from Australia.

His name is Aidan and he had stayed here for two weeks. It was amazing for us to see how much he loves buying Japanese merchandise featuring cartoon characters.

One day he asked me where he can buy manga (Japanese comic) titled "Ghost in the Shell". I was so excited when he asked me that because it was my favourite animation work/story. The Japanese title is "攻殻機動隊" and I think it is one of the best animation work of the world.

Anyway, he said it is his favourite one as well and showed me a tattoo on his arm.

To me, for sure, this is the coolest tattoo I have ever seen.

If you like animation and do not understand what this tattoo means, just watch all the "Ghost in the Shell" series!! Recommended!


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