Great Cyclist came to Hiroshima !!

So far, many cyclists have visited Hiroshima from around the world. Recently a great Japanese cyclist came to J-Hoppers Hiroshima!!

His name was Hirai, from Nagoya all the way down to Hiroshima by normal single speed bicycle, without pannier bag (he was carrying a backpack on his back!). The day he arrived, he had ridden about 150km from Kurashiki in roughly 12 hours. In total he rode about 500km in just 5 days from Nagoya by single speed bicycle. What a tough cyclist he is!!

I used to be a cyclist, so I can understand how great he is. Normally cyclists travel by MTB or Road racer with over 20 speeds, and have pannier bags, but his style of travel is very simple. He is so cool!!

He was planning to ride across Kyushyu island and he'll be in Yakushima. When you see him on the route 2 or 3, please cheer for him!!


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