Hida Takayama's Bar

There had been a time like these; when one locks one's self within; merely struggling to grasp the aria. This guy on my right hand side is Waseem, my amigo from Spain Granada, and to my left is a bartender from Red Hill Bar in Hida Takayama.

Cheers! in other words "In vino veritas". Most of the modern populace may not utilize this antediluvian expression, but it used to be a well-known Latin phrase. There's definately a "fear and loathing" (Hunter S. Thompson) of losing the beauty and refinement of words.

At the bar, where man releases, unravels, unloads the wisdom of our burdens

Please do not go home after just one bar. This picture is another bar, "Rhyme" in Hida Takayama. This is my bloody mary after work!


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