The Instant Ramen Museum

It's common now that Non-Japanese people like Japanese Instant noodle.. we quite often see our guests eat them in our kitchen or TV lounge..

Their tastes have been improving more and more, and I can say Japanese Instant food is the best in the world(of Instant food) ! (though I don't eat them often..)

However, have you heard that there is a place you can make your own instant noodle in Osaka?This is the place for that,"the Instant Ramen Museum" in Ikeda city !

I went there with my Hong Kong friend who came to Japan for 4 times already, and it was so much fun!!

"Chicken ramen", which is the first instant noodle in the world, was invented in 1958 by Mr.Momofuku Ando in a small hut in his backyard, using only daily things we use in the kitchen etc.. without any special machines.
You can see all his history and tons of their products, and try to make your own ramen at the end!

If you made a reservation, you can make "Chicken ramen" from beginning to end.
(You can try it without booking in advance, but I recommend to book before you go, because it's very popular and almost everyday are full.)
*this page is written in Japanese,but you can see photos of process. It costs 500yen.

Otherwise, you can try "My cup noodle factory" without booking.
We did this, and it's actually very fun enough!!

Step 1:Buy a cup at the vending machine.
It's 300 yen, but there is nothing else you need to pay there!
(no admission fee)

Step 2: Draw a picture or write anything you want!

Step 3: Wait on a line and a staff put noodle into our cup

Step4: Choose a favorite soup flavor and 4 topping ingredients

Step 5: Put a cup into a thin plastic bag, and evacuate the air

Step 6: Put a cup into airbag and pump air.

then, FINISH!!

After 3 weeks later, I ate this my own noodle in my house, and noticed that the original message on a lid at the first tie. Also, the taste was the best instant noodle I've ever had!It's definitely one of highly recommend place in Osaka!


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