Kiyomizudera for free ?

The other day I went to take pictures of Kiyomizudera to make a new postcard of Kyoto :

This point of view is with no doubt the most famous of this temple. This is the view from the second platform, at 奥の院 (okunoin).

Do you know you can go there for free ??

The entrance fee is due only to enter the main building. Others buildings are actually freely accessible, as long as you know how to reach them without passing through the main building !!! ;-)

There are two solutions. The first one requires some hiking in the wood : from the hiking course on the crest of the mountains above the Kiyomizudera there is a path going down to the rear of the main building. That's not the easiest solution but if you like nature it can be a funny way to discover this temple. You can see the path on this Google map.

The second solution is quite easier but ugly with consideration for the landscape. From the intersection gojoudoori (五条通) - higashioodoori (東大通), instead of going around the toribeyamataishakutennoutsuumyouji (鳥辺山帝釈天王通妙寺) on the north side along gojozaka (五条坂), walk along the highway 1 to go around on the south side. You will see a stairway on your left, pass it and continue to reach a second stairway, still on your left. Climb it to reach a graveyard, then without entering the graveyard keep on walking toward east. You will soon reach a small road in the wood. There is also a walking path going up in the woods from there, this is a path connected to the one I'm talking about in the first solution. Turn left and follow the road which will lead you to the 子安の塔 (coannotou, which is under renovation at the moment). From there you can easily access the second platform by walking up the touristic path. You can see this path on this Google map.


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