One-day trip to Onomichi!

Hi there! This is Chika from J-Hoopers Hrioshima.This is the first blog for me.

I took a day off and visited to Onomichi which is the east side of Hiroshima.
It is takes around 40 minutes or a bit more from Hiroshima station.

We were starving when we reached Onomichi.That's why we run in the Ramen restaurant which is really famous.Also my manager highly recommend this Ramen place for me.
It was really tasty!!It looks a bit rich but the tast is really light and good!!
I recommend you to order some dumpling as well.

After had lunch,We went up to Senkoji temple by ropeway.
Here is the most popular sightseeing spot in Onomichi, visitors to Onomichi first come to see "Senkoji Temple"; "The Path of Literature" where you will find many stone monuments inscribed with famous authors' works.
From the observatory at the top of the park, you can enjoy a 360 degree panorama view of many islands in the Seto Inland.

There were also lots of strange rocks in Senkoji teple.I wore a skirt though, I climb these rocks !!That was really hard actually but we got a great view from the top of the rock.It's worth alot!

When we were coming down from Senkoji temple.
We found the cafe which is called'Fukurou no Yakata'(castle of owl) and one of my manaer's favorite place.It was really quiet and cozy,good place to relax.

There are a lot of to see,visit n do in Onomichi.
So why don't you have a plan to go there on your trip?


yuya said…
Whatta splendid view of Onomichi! By gum, there are many accomplished photographers work for J-Hoppers indeed. There had been a time when I was strolling the town as well. Nice blog!
I shall close this for now, my labor awaits.

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