Winter waterfalls

I went to Utsue-48-waterfalls in early January, 2010.
It was snow world all over.

The falls (and the park) are one of the most famous waterfalls in Hida region.
It is about 30 minutes by car or by bus.
From spring to autumn, a lot of tourists visit there and are enchanted by the natural scenic of beauty .
But now, in mid winter, the snow blocks people's way and there was nobody except an old caretaker.

Utsue falls winter view (January 2010)

Utsue falls summer view (June 2009)
Maybe the same place as the upper photo??

I have been there last summer. At that time I went to the end (top) of the waterfalls taking about 1 hour, but this time we somehow managed to the first small waterfall near the entrance of the park.

It is almost impossible to visit there without snow shoes. We are going to buy some snowshoes for ourselves and our guests.
Why don't you enjoy (or struggle with) the powdered snow with us in Takayama !

Utsue-48-waterfalls in summer (Youtube movie)

Utsue-48-waterfalls in winter (Youtube movie)


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