Kyoto has loads of things to see and do, but what to do when you feel
like needing more space.
Somewhere we can stay touching the traditional culture but quieter place...
I take a short trip to beautiful place around Kyoto.
Kansai is so rich in interesting cities and sights and you can easily
access those places by train and buses.
Nara is one of the great place to take a day trip from Kyoto.
With JR , you can take a direct train by JR , Also Kintetsu line is
50 to60min by JR , 690yen one way. Kintetsu line takes 45to 70min. 610yen

Nara is a first permanent capital of Japan.
The place is rich in old culture and you can take a breath at wide open park and deep forests.

There is an enormous Buddha statue in the largest wooden building(temple) in the world.
Also the statue itself is the biggest Buddha statue in the world.

When you walk up to Nigatsu-do and Sangatsu-do temple halls, superb view of Nara is waiting for you.
Get lost in the middle of old Nara Machi town area..the atmosphere of this quaint place take you back to good old days.

Here and there, deers are giving cute glitter eyes for a visitors.
(Watch out! they can be aggressive when you have foods!)

On this day, I took a few hours walk in Nara, just followed my feeling,
I've stretched my path to KasugaTaisha Shrine.

It's a World heritage sacred shrine.
I enjoyed long forest path leading me to the shrine.

The approaches to the shrine are lied with hundred of lanterns, forests are quietly shrouded me with spiritual air.

I was amazed by huge sacred tree standing in the middle of the shrine and also the way they re-build the shrine completely every 20years according to the Shinto tradition.

I decided to stay in the forest for a while. The sounds of animals and birds were very different from the one I can hear in the forest of Kyoto.
Nara is a special place which make me to feel the origin of Japan in a very natural sense.


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