“Get a buzz out of the ethereal milieu”

On the 7th of February, my feet commenced to proceed without any precise purpose or destination. But what I had in my mind was “I wanted to go fishing” thus my itinerary kept the vagueness within.
I have many experience in fishing in general, however, I had never experienced ice fishing on a frozen lake. I had discovered a lake in Nagano prefecture that looked appealing to me, Matsubarako. I took the very first bus to Matsumoto from Hida Takayama, hopped on the train to Kobuchizawa (Yamanashi prefecture), then taking the Koumi line to Matsubarako. It took me about 6 hours to commute.
On the Koumi line, there’s Nobeyama station, the highest JR station located amidst the mountainous country.

This line is also known as Yatsugatake Kogen Line it utilizes the very first hybrid train in the world, which began operating in 2005.
When I arrived there it was too late to fish because one has to purchase a one day fishing permission for 500 yen, and I was not down for getting it to fish for only 2 hours. So I stayed in Tachibanaya, a ryokan that started their business in the 1940’s for the night (it was 5000 yen) and waited patiently for the following morning to appear.
I got up at 5 a.m. and commenced to fish.

I had caught a couple pond smelts that day, but it wasn’t very much for how long I fished in the perilous temperature.

A strike of motivation lead me here, therefore my preparation was a slightly out from adequate. There was not a single heat devise in reach, but the merriment had existence everywhere incessantly. Highly recommended for spending some chilled out time in Japan during the winter. For further information don’t hesitate to ask me


pascal said…
I would have enjoyed coming with you ! I've along experience in fishing too but never this way :-)

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