Good-Bye Snow season -- Hello Flower season :-)

The other day I went to Snow Mountain in Takayama.
Of course I stayed Takayama J-Hoppers :-) Thank you for the Tacos dinner Party!!

From Takayama JR station. I took a local bus to HONOKI DAIRA snow resort (It takes about 40min).

Compared with Hokkaido's snow to Gifu's snow are...
But Good sunny day!! and Good mountain course!!
They have a peaceful atmosphere and still keep old style Japanese ski resort.
Lunch menu are RAMEN, CURRY RICE...and more Japanese.
And they have Good Onsen spa!! but I couldn't take a Onsen spa...I didn't have enough time... I spent almost all time for riding.

Actually I cannot ride like a Shaun White. I don't have a special one make trick like him.
But I think I have a same strong mind with him.
That's 'ENJOY SNOW BOARDING!!' even if the snow is wet and heavy :-)

Saa, my next snow trip will be on the next winter season 2010-2011 10months later.
(I miss epic snow...)
Until the next winter, I'll enjoy the other seasons in Kyoto.
At first, I 'll enjoy Flower spring season with by bike!!

Winter ===> Spring
Snowboarder ===> Cyclist


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