Katsura Imperial Villa -Beauty of Japanese Garden & Architecture-

Time flies since I moved to Kyoto in 2005. I have visited tons of shrines, temples and festivals. There are still two big-name sightseeing spots left untouched. One is Kokedera (Moss Temple), and the other is Katsura Imperial Villa.

The last week, I finally got that famous Japanese architecture and design I was hoping to visit. Katsura Imperial Villa's name as the goal of simple yet elegant modern art got well known in 1933 by a German architect "Bruno Julius Florian Taut". Surely there are some Japanese critics and architects who focused on its beauty

Once you step into the property, you will see elaborately decorated ornaments, the paper of the sliding doors, alignment of stones in front of each buildings, roofs and grates.

Here is how to apply the tour, you must make a reservation by online, or at the counter of Imperial Household Agency in Kyoto Imperial Park.



pascal said…
Same for me, these are two places I want to visit since years but haven't gone yet...
Thanks to remind me of it ! ;-)
Shin said…
Let's go to Kokedera together Pas-chan! I want to see how do you take those nice pictuers!
pascal said…
I just wander until I feel something echoing deep in my heart, then press the button, and finally spend a lot of time on my computer to try resuscitating what I felt. And it failed 99 of 100 times... ;-)

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