Let's go to Wada (izakaya) togetha!

It was the end of January; when some people happen to meet at a certain time. In the night, when the clouds were vacuumed by the universe and snow particles commenced to befall once again. We strolled the central Hida Takayama area to try this popular izakaya, "Wada".
I was as merry as the day is long simply to join my co-workers for the dinner, but a couple more people joined us. Allow me to introduce. . .
The happy and evil looking one is my boss, Aki. He was groovin the funky vibes as usual. Claire from the Phillipines sat beside him. Osaka J-Hoppers staff, Pascal doing his chopstick magic, Dephne from Canada lovin her beer and the Mr. Chad sat next me.

I was merely astonished to hear that Chad san worked at my alma mater a few years ago while I was also working in that area at that time. Bummer! we couldn't kick it together sooner. Chad san's lecture shown as below;
He attempted to lecture me. lol nah, but I reckon it's well captured.

Photos were taken by cRaZy JeNn


pascal said…
Yes~ it was yummy, and fun. Waiting for you to come in Kyoto where there are some others good places to enjoy after work ;-)

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