Like a Ink Painting

I went to the "Hida Folk Village"

This time of the year, the old private houses such as houses with steep rafter roofs are illuminated to create a fantastic landscape.

It was a very cold day that I visited for the village.
The Amazake(sweet drink made from fermented rice) and the Shitake-cha (shitake mushroom tea) had been serveded for free.

There are winter boots for free lending.
Also the ropes for shoes.

I think that a normal light shows the house most beautiful than green, red, and blue.

Place: Hida Folk Village
Time: 17:30-21:00
Price:Adult 300yen , Child 100yen (Only for the light up time)
How to get there: There is a shuttle bus from Takayama Nohi Bus terminal.(200yen for one way)


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