Miyazaki trip

Miyazaki is located down south of Kyushu.
I graduated from a university in Miyazaki.
It has been 3 years since I visited the city.
It is said Miyazaki is famous for Mango fruit,local chicken,etc....
However,surfing comes first for me.
I would say Miyazaki is the best place to surf in Japan.
It always catches the swells.You can surf throughout the year.
Actually most of my uni life was occupied with surfing.
I enjoyed surfing this time of the year as well.

Why don't you go to Miyazaki if you surf!!

unique washboard rock formations

I had a Tonkotsu Ramen which is a local food in Fukuoka.Yummy~!!


yuya said…
CHILL MAN! I do not surf, apparently. But I would love to try the ramen and kick it. Cheers

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