NABE (Japanese hot pot)

Have you eaten NABE(Japanese hot pot)??
You might had one in J-Hoppers if you joined one of our party in winter, because Nabe is very popular food in winter especially and most Japanese love it.

Nabe is very good meal for party and you can eat a lot and so many kinds vegetables and meats etc, then make our body warm.. but the way to cook is quite simple and easy. You just make soup, and cut all ingredients, then put everything into soup!
Also, there are many kinds of Nabe and we can enjoy different tastes..
I think they are the reasons why we love Nabe.

Would you like to know how to make soup? Yes, of course you can make by yourself, but we have some kinds of soup and can not explain all of them here now.

But, the easiest way is going to a supermarket and buying a commercially available soup!
It must be good for souvenir,because you can teach Japanese taste to your family/friends when you go home!
Also,I've been so surprised, as food companies have launched new tastes of Nabe soup, especially this winter.. so, we've had much more choices!!

Let me show some soups which you can buy in a supermarket.

Goma Tonyu Nabe

Soy milk with sesame,and a bit miso.
Very rich taste

Tomato Nabe

Taste exactly tomato.
please don't forget to make risotto
with cheese at the end.. sooooo yum!

Bijin Nabe
"Bijin"means "beautiful woman"
.. Can't you help eating it ;)!?
Chicken stock soup with Japanese sake.
It's healthy and it contains plenty of collagen.

Curry Nabe
Most foreigners likes Japanese curry,
so this must be your favorite.

Kimuchi Nabe
It's Korean taste,
but Korean food is very popular in Japan also
and we love it

Chanko Nabe

It's commonly eaten by Sumo wrestlers
as part of a weight gain diet.
based with chicken stock soup,and
add soy souse or miso, etc.

Well.. I think I should stop now, as I'm getting so hungry..


pascal said…
My preference will go to the Goma tonyu nabe ... :-)

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