Nice Curry and Ceramics Shop "The 100th Monkey", just two minutes walk from J-Hoppers Hiroshima

After all a staple dish for the lunch in Hiroshima is Okonomiyaki, but unfortunately, we cannot eat only Okonomiyaki so every day. Therefore I'd like to recommend a nice curry shop "Hyaku-Banme-no-Saru (The 100th Monkey)" which is just two minutes walk from J-Hoppers Hiroshima.

Because they do not take out a big signboard, you need to watch out to find it. From J-Hoppers Hiroshima, please walk towards the right hand from the entrance, turn right at a crossing with the coin laundry, walk straight down until the first traffic signal, and turn left, you can find a small but pretty signboard on your left.

In the store's interior, it's like a cozy coffee shop, the ceramics of various kinds from teacups to bowls are displayed all over the wall. These ceramics are for sale. You can buy them if you'd like.

There are three kinds of curry, in strong order of the hotness, a India style, a Medium style, and a European style. There is the combination of different topping in each. For a medium large serving is plus 100yen, for a large serving is plus 200yen, and a salad and dessert set are plus 300yen.


** India style (spicy) **
* Chicken curry 680 yen
* Shrimp curry 780 yen

** Medium style (blended) **
* Vegetables curry 800 yen
* Mushroom curry 800 yen

** European style (mellow) **
* Pork curry 680 yen
* Beef curry 680 yen
* Shrimp curry 780 yen

This is a large serving of the India style chicken curry that I ordered this time. It's a super large!! Three kinds of pickles come with the curry. These pickles goes so well with the curry.

This curry is curry of homey taste rather than real curry. You can enjoy rich taste with so many stewed onion and chicken in the curry sauce.

He is the master chef of this curry shop. I feel like his calm, intellectual personality being reflected to delicious curry.

If you would like to eat one of the best curry in Hiroshima, I recommend "The 100th Monkey", just two minutes walk from J-Hoppers Hiroshima. They open 11:50-19:00.

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pascal said…
It looks yummy !!
The name is quite surprising .. Do you know why they called the restaurant this way ? Why the 100th monkey ? What about the 99 other monkeys ???
Somehow it reminds me about the movie "12 monkeys" of Terry Gilliam ...

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