Parties in January @ J-Hoppers Hiroshima

It's February now!
Can't believe a month went by already...
Hope everyone's having a wonderful 2010 :)

Last month, we had a couple of parties here at J-Hoppers Hiroshima.

The first one was "Welcome-back party for Miyoko"

She used to work here for 3 years since J-Hoppers Hiroshima opened. I only worked with her for a month, but it was always a lot of fun working with her and I loved it. Also we sometimes talked and drank all the night together. She is a very happy person and we all missed her sunny personality!

Now she lives in Australia, but came back home temporarily for the New Year's. So she visited us with her sweetheart, Chad :)
We all really enjoyed catching up with her over the long while.
It was good to have them here and was a great fun night!

          *  *  *  *  *  *

The second one was "Kimuchi-Nabe party"

Nabe is a Japanese hotpot style cooking with meat and vegetable, and everyone basically eats from the same pot. We made it with Kimuchi(Korean spicy pickles) this time!

We even had a lot of fun in the prep stage!
...and Big Dinner is ready!

Mr. Yuichi Fujisawa played his Dulcimer for us at the party!
(Click here to the older post about him)
Everybody was drinking in his music and the beautiful sound of Dulcimer. It was amazing as always.

At this party, a bunch of us got together and ate and ate... and ate!
And people seemed to be enjoying exchanging the stories of their adventures :)

It was freezing cold out, but the Nabe made us very warm.

We are now planning the next party...

When we have another one, we will let you know on this link:
Hiroshima Sights, Events and Activities

We hope to see you at the next party!


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