Two days enjoying Hida Takayama

At the end of January I spent two days/two nights in the J-Hoppers Takayama. It was the second time for me. Last time was in summer and I was impatient to see the winter side of this beautiful rural area.
I used a maybe uncommon way to go there, but I think it maybe usefull to some customers so let me first introduce this. There is a night train called "Express Kitaguni". It goes from Osaka to Niitsu, 585km, departure at 23:27, arrival at 8:10. By changing at Touyama for the Takayama line you can reach the Takayama train station a little before 8:00 for a total of around 8.000 yen. By sleeping in the train you save one accomodation night and you're ready to visit from 8:00 in the morning ! That's a good way to optimize your budget and schedule.
And here comes in picture what I did/saw during these two days ...

The emblematic sarubobo can still be found everywhere.

The morning of the first day weather wasn't very good. Cloudy, snowy and moreover completely unstable. I was running during the short intervals when sunrays hit the city, and dawdling under the snow, trying to shoot something anyway just in case sun wouldn't come back.

The Sakurayama Hachimangu Shrine kept me busy for a little time. The snow on top of differents shrine's architecture element was offering some funny views.

I didn't knew this mean of protection from the snow for trees or others : three branches assembled as a pyramid.

It looks better with some sunshine, but temperature were too high and snow was a little bit too melted for my pics. Some would say I'm never satisfied ...

Let's go back to the city and its old private house. It's still so peaceful here. As I've already visited the Jinya, this time I went to another one more to the north of the city. It was as well interesting and less tourists, just few students more interested about the gaijin than the house ...

Lunch time ! I hadn't tried yet this local specialty : Hoba miso. That's excellent ! Just take care to your fingers, avoid touching the burning pot like I did !!

In the afternoon I went back to the old houses area, looking for some interesting points of view...

After a short walk I could reach this little hill from where you can enjoy a good view of the whole city.

On the evening, I went with Iida-san and another customer to Hida no Sato. If you can't go to Shirakawago it's definitely worth seeing it. Especially these days there was a light up of the old Gasshouzukuri.

Nice lighting, nice houses, nice evening.

Don't miss the free amazake and shitakecha (how come I haven't noticed it !!)

Next day, thanks to the organized tour by Kurokawa-san, I went to Shirakawago. It was a pity that snow on the roof was almost completely melted but there was still some gorgeous scenes there.

I love snow landscapes !

When you're tired of the cold, get a korokke, deep fried smashed potatoes ball with minced meat. It will keep you warm longer than a kairo !

Doesn't it looks like a fairy tales illustration ?

After Shirakawago, we rushed to a small event with minyou dances. Short but still interesting.

And then once again to Shirakawago, to enjoy the light up of the city. But the foggy weather spoiled the view and my battery ran short.
Time to go back to Takayama for a nice party at Wada, yet described by Sir Yuya a few days ago.

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yuya said…
Dear Mr. Pascal,
I'm the fortunate one once again to peep through the gallery of yours. A marvelous collection indeed!
Anonymous said…
Very nice photos of Takayama and Shirakawago.

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