2010 cherry blossom - uncommon suggestions in Kyoto

Here we are, cherry trees have started blossoming in Japan. In Kochi, Matsuyama, Fukuoka and Kumamoto until now to be precise. That's early compare to past years, and it suggests a blossom on the 3/31 in Kyoto, 3/29 in Hiroshima, 4/10 in Takayama (Have a look there for more).
Then it's time for some suggestions of places to "hanami". You may find in your guidebook or the archive of this blog a lot of them, so I will try to introduce here some places less common than Path of Philosophy, Nijo castle, Kiyomizudera, etc... (in my beloved Kyoto only). Let's flew away from the crowd (shall it be possible) !

* the Jissouin temple. In the moutain at north of Kyoto, magnificent cherry trees in a mineral garden. 500 yen, 9:00 - 17:00, map, nearest station : Iwakura on Keihan line.

* the Jonangu shrine. A little bit south of Kyoto station, with a tea ceremony house in one of its three beautiful gardens. 500 yen, 9:00 - 16:30, map, nearest station : subway Takeda.

* the Nakaragi-no-michi path. Along the Kamogawa river, a walking path decorated with crimson weeping cherry trees. Free, open all the time, map, nearest station : subway Kitaoji.

* the Kasuga shrine. Look at the 350 years old cherry tree in this shrine dedicated to the Kasuga Taisha God from Nara. Free, open during daytime, map, nearest train station : Saiin on Hankyu line.

* the Shinnyodou temple. With a wonderful view of cherry flowers and pagoda behind. 500 yen, 9:00 - 16:00, map, nearest station : Shinnyodo-mae city bus stop.

* the Bokusen temple. With rare grey cherry flower which completely cover the floor after falling. Free, open during daytime, map, nearest station : Sumizome on Keihan Line.

* the Daigo temple. 1000 cherry trees on blossom during three weeks due to numerous species. 600 yen, 9:00-17:00, map, nearest station : Kono station on subway.

* the Bishamondou temple. A 100 year old cherry tree spread its 30 meters long branches in the precinct of the temple. 500 yen, 8:30-17:00, map, nearest station : Yamashina on Keihan line.

* the Ninna temple. If you despair of being late for cherry blossom, this temple is your last chance, : it has the latest blossoming in Kyoto. 500 yen, 9:00-16:30, map, nearest station : Ninnaji station on Kintetsu line.

* the Matsuotaisha shrine. One of the oldest shrine in Kyoto, with beautifull cherry flowers around thatched roof storehouses. Free, 9:00-16:00, map, nearest station : Matsuo station on Hankyu line.


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