Climbing up to Mt. Daimonji

From since some of my friends mentioned about Mt. Daimonji, the idea of climbing such a wonderful place has never been wiped away from my mind.

I was about to go to Mt. Hiei the other day, however the sky was dark and gray, and my travel company reluctant to go there, so I changed my plan to climb Mt. Daimonji.

I was going to have a little picnic on the top of the mountain. But by the time I left my home, it was already around 2 o'clock and a mischievous monster in my stomach was kicking it hardly(because of hunger I guess), I had my picnic lunch at home.
Then I headed to Mt. Daimonji.

It is located just behind of Silver pavilion. You can climb and come back in one and a half hour (if you are fit enough).

When I arrived at the bottom of the mountain, I needed to go to the bathroom, there is none of course, though. I thought about doing it in the bush but I didn't(just in case).

On the way to the top, I encountered various kinds of people- school kids doing excise, a group of middle aged ladies and friendly old men couple...
I realized that we (including myself) are much more open-minded when we are in the nature. We say hello or how are you or I was even asked my birthday (I don't know why) by completely stranger. The fresh air makes people more relaxed and brings love and peace I felt.

Now I understand why my friends recommended me to go to Mt. Daimonji. I had a great afternoon that day except my bathroom thing worries.


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