Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The other night, Chika, her boyfriend and I went to the St Patrick's Day party at the Irish pub, Molly Malone's.

St. Patrick's Day is not so popular in Japan.
I got to know this celebration when I was living in Canada. I had some Irish friends. They had prepared some green stuff for over a week, but I didn't know what happens... On March 17th, they started drinking beer(Guinness of course) around 9 in the morning and were drinking all the day and all the night! So I finally found out how Irish people celebrate the day... Crazy!

Anyway, the Molly's was completely packed! Luckily we got seats at perfect position to enjoy live Irish music. Too bad I don't drink beer, but still it was enough to enjoy the night in a great Irish atmosphere. It was such a good night.

Hope everyone had a happy St. Paddy's Day too!


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