Kanazawa trip

Hi there.I went to Kanazawa where is 1 and half hour from Takayama by bus or 2 hours by JR train.
Highway express was made between Kanazawa and Takayama two years ago.We can go drive up to Kanazawa easily.

What I can think of Kanazawa first is Kenrokuen which is ranked one of Japan's three top gardens.
The second is o-michou seafood market.I went both of them.


There are several hundred shops.many of them specialise in seafood.You can have fresh sushi!!It is so yummy!!

O-michou seafood market

I stayed at a gusthouse called pongyi in Kanazawa.It's 5minutes from Kanazawa station.I can recommend. http://pongyi.com/

Masaki-san(the owner) is really friendly.


yuya said…
New kicks man!?


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