Kyoto Legendary Club with Live Music

As a legendary American singer-songwriter gives concerts in Japan, I went to one of the most popular clubs with live music in Kyoto.

The first time I went there is the summer in 2005. There were three hale and hearty old men played the guitar, drums and keyboard in the muggy sake storehouse. The more time goes by, the more audiences get drunk by the power of music and beer. It seems that their music and the atmosphere of the place was perfectly synchronized at the time.

The name of the club is takutaku, these are not my photos but I put them right here for reference.



This video wasn't taken in takutaku, but taken in almost same time. The name of the frontman, he usually a solo musician, is Kazuki Tomokawa. He appeared in 70's folk generation. I wonder how many Japanese peoples know his name.... I didn't know him until the live....

When I showed this play to Yuya, he doesn't seem to like it that much... How about you ?


yuya said…
ha ha ha, this is a nice one! You are right, I did not know about this artist before I met you. The artist is very characteristic and original; twitching his neck while he sings aggresively, but the tonality is too overwhelming and twisted with plethora of abstraction (for me).
It's Shin Ueno style man!
yuya said…
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yuya said…
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