Nehan-e March 15th, When the Buddha entered Nirvana

Nehan-e .
It is a Nirvana ceremony of the day of Buddha had past away.

A big scroll depicting the Buddha entering Nirvana will be hanged in the several Buddhist temples in Kyoto.
The ceremony expressing our gratitude to the Buddha's performance.

It is said that at the time of his death the Buddha was sleeping on a bed that had been prepared between two sal trees.

His head to the north, his face to the west, and his right hand for a pillow.

At that time, white flowers bloomed on the sal trees and fell continuously.

Many of his disciples, the king and his family, men and women of all ages, and even birds and animals gathered, sighing with sadness.

The Buddha gave his last discourse, expounding the fundamental truth – even though the physical body dies, the Dharma is eternal.

I went to see one of the Nehan-e scroll in Sennyu-ji temple last year.

A slight smile on the Buddha's face told me the sense of peace.That's where we comes from and where we go back to.

The scent of the soft incense filled me and absorbed into balmy morning breeze.

Shinnyo-do temple

Walk in Yoshida hill, where the shinnyo do temple is.

At some temples in Kyoto, you can see those very precious scrolls once a year.

Shinnyo-do Temple 真如堂
March 1st to 31st
Entrance 600yen.
This area is very quiet and non touristy ,you are able tovisit many temples(free to enter) and shrines in a tranquil local atmosphere.
March 15th, special ceremony is held.
*City Bus 202 from J-hoppers. 25 min ride .Get off at "Kumano -jinja mae" bus stop. 10min walk

Sennyu-ji temple泉涌寺
March 14th-16th
This temple is close to J-hoppers Kyoto.
The temple is surrounded by beautiful forest .
You can visit Imakumano kannon temple and shrines also Tofukuji zen temple by walk.

Biggest Nehan-zu scroll in Japan
Entrance 500yen
March 15th, special ceremony is held.

*2 stops from j-hoppers .City bus 202,207,208 4min ride. 5 to 10 min walk
* From J-hoppers, 20min walk.

Tofukuji-temple 東福寺
March 14th-16th
It's a big scroll and famous for the detail and beauty of the painting.
Free to see the Scroll in the main temple .
Entrance for other gardens 400to 500yen .
Tofukuji is consisted by many sub temples with beautiful zen gardens .
It's worth visiting those gardens .
*1stop by bus City bus get off at "Tofuku-ji" 3min ride . 202,207,208
*From j-hoppers, 10 to 15 min walk.
March 15th, special ceremony is held.
Free sweet soup(amazake) will be offered and Shakuhachi will be played.

Seiryo-ji temple清涼寺
March 15th
Very interesting Kyogen play is held(Entrance is FREE only on this day).
Huge fire will be lit when the night comes to send the spirit of Buddha.
Kyogen play 15:00 16:30 18:00
Special ceremony from 18:30
Taimatsu lit up from 20:00

Saga-Arashiyama area is a great place to spend a day.
*10 to 15 min ride by JR train. 15 to 20 min by walk from the Arashiyama train station.
(This ceremony will be very busy with many people)

Honpo-ji temple 本法寺
March 15th-April 15th
10am-16pm Entrance 500yen

The scroll is one of the three best nehan-zu in Japan.
National treasured garden is open for this period.
* From the Kyoto station,City bus No.9. 40 min ride .Get off at "Horikawa Teranouchi" 3min walk from the bus stop


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