Nippombashi Street Festa 2010

DENDENTOWN, Nippombashi Osaka, is one of the most famous electronics quarters in Japan. Nowadays this area is also well-known as a town of Otaku (: nerd) culture because the street is lined with so many miscellaneous shops selling video games and merchandise featuring anime characters.

"Nippombashi Street Festa" is a big annual event which transmits attractive informations of DENDENTOWN. Various popular characters of animations and pretty maids parade in the street every year. Not only that. Cosplay festival, club-like event of animation songs can be seen.

Even though the parade already finished when I arrived there, the street was still overcrowded as it was turned into vehicle-free during the event. Yes, it was like a cosplay paradise.

Let me show you some fine performances by people who soaked up this strong Japanese culture.

[Non-Japanese Edition]

Luigi, the younger brother of Nintendo's mascot Mario.

Simon from DURARARA!!

Osaka institution Gliko Neon and funny Doraemon

[Japanese Edition]

Tomodachi (:Friend) from 20th Century Boys
Darth Vader Head

Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean
someone I do not know
(If you do, please tell me his name...)

☆ My No. 1 ☆

Laughing Man from Ghost in the Shell

We rarely see all these people proudly play dress-up just for fun in the public. I met more than 10 people who came up from J-Hoppers Osaka Central. I was so glad to see them being enormously amused.

If you happen to come this way this time next year, it will be your turn to enjoy yourself by cosplaying!


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