Relieve the Weariness of the Journey

Do you like " ONSEN " ??

Hot springs are so popular in Japan.An onsen is a mineral hot-spring spa which is said to have healing and health promoting properties.

I would like to introduce one of Onsen near J-Hoppers Hida Takaya.

It called "Hidamari no Yu". They have outdoor hot spring bath and inside hot spring bath.
In the bathroom,men and women are separated.

Hidamari no Yu is a mildly alkaline hot spring.
The benefits from using a Hidamari no Yu hot spring are as below.
*Muscle ache
*Frozen shoulder(Stiff shoulder)
*Intolerance to cold
*Digestive disease
*Convalescence stage
*Skin disease

If you would like to try Hidamari no yu,Please come to the reception.
We have spesial discounted ticket for 850yen (usually 1050yen).
Also, there is a shuttle bus to the Hidamari no Yu.


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