Sumo Practice Tour report

The Sumo Practice Tour which we organized 2 weeks ago was much more popular than we thought and fully booked every day!!
Thank you so much for the guests who joined it and also so sorry if you missed it..
However, we will do this tour next year again, so we would be happy if you could feel their time a little bit to read this report.

We visited "Iseno umi beya(heya) 伊勢ノ海部屋" to watch their Sumo practice,where a famous sumo wrestler Tosano umi belongs and this "Heya(sumo stable/group)" has been for 250 years !

All sumo wrestlers were very serious and training so hard, and inside of the sumo stable was so hot and filled with their air of excitement and their power.

We allowed to sit down in a corner to watch them without any speaking, of course.

But they kindly allowed to take photos with them during their training(no flash) and at the end.

with the stable master(the boss/coach)

The grand sumo tournament has been held in Osaka and will end on the 28th of March. There are still some available seat, so please rush to grab it !

Grand Sumo Tournament Information

What is Sumo ??


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