Sumo Practice Tour

Grand Sumo Tournament will start in Osaka on the 14th of March.
It must be so exciting and good experience to watch it, and many guests have started coming to stay at J-Hoppers Osaka to watch it. We realize that sumo is quite popular for foreigners more than we Japanese..

Then, we decided to organize "Sumo Practice Tour" from tomorrow, the 8th of March!
Because there is one of place where sumo wrestlers practice till the 14th near J-Hoppers Osaka, so you can go there and watch their training !

Here is the details;

Date : every morning 8th(Mon.) - 11th(Thu.) and 13th(Sat.)
Departure time : 9:30 am
*Maximum 5 persons / day
*Fee : 300 yen
*Approximate time :1.5 hours
*Tour guide : Fumi (our night worker)

Would you like to join??
Please sign up at the reception RIGHT NOW !!!,
as we put this notice yesterday but we've already having many requested..

Grand Sumo Tournament information:


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