What a beautiful place!! Kosanji Temple!!!!!

I'm always looking for any scrap of information about Hiroshima for sightseeing.
Finally I could find such a nice place in Mihara city,Hiroshima.
It is a temple.It 's called 'KOSANJI'and'MIRAISHIN no OKA'

It takes about 1 hour and half by JR local line from J-Hoppers Hiroshima.
It is not so difficult to get there.Just take a local line and a ferry from Mihara Port.

The Choseizan Kosanji Temple is a temple of the Honganji Line of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism,located on Mt.Chosei,which was developed by the Reverend Kosanji Koso.The priest used to be a very successful buisiness manager of a manufacturing company,which made special large-diameter steel pipes in Osaka.
Then,One day,his mother,who had lovingly taken care of him throughout all the hardships of his life,died.
From her death onwards,his gratitude to his mother and Buddha grew ever stronger,until he decided to become a Buddhist priest.
Later he decided to build a temple,which took more than three decades to complete,and included the years of the Second World War.

Out of all the builgings composing the temple,15 are registered by the national government of Japan as 'Tangible Culutural Properties'.

And also there is garden called 'Miraishin no Oka' is part of the Kosanji Temple Museum's art activities.It is a large garden of white marble covering an are of 5000 ㎡,designed and priduced by Kazuto Kuetani,a sculptor from Kozan,Hiroshima Prefecture.

All the marble used in this garden was taken from Carrara,Italy,where the sculptor has his workshop,and carried to this garden on container ships.

The resulting garden strikes a beautiful balance with the surrounding nater.

Why don't you go there,When you come to Hiroshima??

It's worth a trip!!!!!!


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