Bike to Kyoto

I had been curious to bike to Kyoto from Osaka since my colleague Pascal came from Kyoto to Osaka 1 year ago.. and finally I could make it last Saturday!

I meet up my buddy around 11 am in Osaka Kema Haisuiki jo(Kema drainage pump station) and start from there.
But I was surprised,because she came by a granny's bike.. though we're going about 40 km today..

However, we were not in a hurry at all and didn't have any plan in Kyoto, so we started to pedal a bike slowly and enjoying watching people and scenery.
We didn't have a map but we knew that we just need to followed Yodo gawa river which runs from Biwa lake, Kyoto, and Osaka.

It's under the bridge of Sugawara Ohashi.
There are always some people who enjoy fishing, drawing and running etc..

Brass band members were playing under the bridge, it's maybe because we had some shower.
We also saw so many people who were enjoying BBQ with their family and friends.
Nice smell from everywhere.. made us hungry..

Took a little break with coffee and KitKat.

As we got to close to Kyoto, the path became wider and smoother.

There were still some cherry blossom on a small hill.

Wondering if it's Kyoto city or not.. (actually it was not yet :( )

After the above photo, the path beside Yodo gawa river finally finished and we went back to car road to find the way to Kyoto city.
I hate to ride on a road because it's not fun and dangerous, and exhaust gas. We stopped talking and went about 10 km..

Kyoto tower !! We did it!!!

and our final destination was..

The new branch of J-Hoppers, Kyoto Hana hostel!

It's just opened, very clean and homely hostel and good location. If you're having difficulty to find a hostel during Golden week(Japanese big holidays just started today), it's worth to try to ask them.

The total distance was 43 km and we took about 5 hours include lunch time !
Yes, it's very slow cycling but we're happy because we achieve a goal and enjoyed so much.
If you're cyclist and planning to go to Kyoto from Osaka, please let me show you this nice cycle path beside the river!


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