Hiroshima Asa Zoo!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is the Zoo which is called 'Asa Zoo' in Hiroshima.
When I was a child,I often went there with my family.but I haven't been there for a long time.Last visit is almost 3 years ago.....

I can remember that the weather was not really good last time.So there were not so many visitor there less than the animal in a zoo.

BUT!!!I went to the Zoo on a clear day Sunday!!So there were so many people and children there.
The second you saw such a many people there,I'm getting excited!!

You can watch many kinds of animal in the zoo.Besides,there is a place where you can touch some animals ( pig,goat,sheep etc) .
So lots of children enjoyed the petting zoo.Of cause I did too!!

I went there at feed time.Workers at the zoo told us about the animals as they feed them.
It was nice and interesting for me.

They had a bit changed their style of presentation this time.So now you can watch lion up close!
I felt but scared but it was so cool.I had to wait some time in a queue,though....

You can get Asa Zoo from J-Hoppers Hiroshima.It takes around 50minutes by bus(Asahigaoka line) from Tokaichi bus stop to Doubutsu-kouenmae.
The fee is 430yen for one way.

They also have 'Night-safari' during summer.Why don't you visit there during your stay in Hiroshima??


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