The Introduction of The Local Sake Breweries In The Region of Noto (Ishikawa Prefecture) and In Nagano Prefecture

Let's get to the point; frankly speaking, whenever I travel in Japan I often travel because it's usually worth it to visit local sake breweries. This time I would like to introduce local breweries in Nagano prefecture and Noto region.

Nagano Prefecture
Suwa city: Miyasaka Brewery ( (French is available as well) Nama genshu "Arabashiri" is strongly recommended

Nagano city: Imai Brewery's "Yukigakoi", literary means "Surrounded by the snow". As it is said, before becoming a product they preserve this sake in the snow for about 70 days to stabolize the fresh sake (100% humidity and the temperature is stable in the snow as well). It says not to drink excessively on their official website:)

Ishikawa prefecture
Wajima City: Nakajima Brewery

The workers are super friendly, informative and generous. They had offered me so many different kinds of sake.
What I recommend from this brewery is "Oyaji no Tezukuri", literally means "Made By An Old Man". This sake is SUPER dry and has an uncommon brown color for sake (originally sake is not transparent, but it becomes clear after the filtration process), which some brewers consider a waste because it loses some of the flavour, aroma and the natural color. When I tasted this sake I thought I was drinking "Shochu" at first. This sake is also famous for travelers from Kyushu district because it is very similar to "Shochu". It is not very suitable for Izakaya thus munchies are not necessary; very thick, filling and heavy flavoured sake.

Well, I don't want to make it too long thus I shall close this blog for now.
If you are REALLY interested in Japanese Sake, I am wllling to share whatever I have:)


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