Kyoto Local Heros

I always listen to 10-FEET music @ J-Hoppers Kyoto's lobby.
Sometimes J-Hoppers guests ask me that
'Who is this?' 'Who's song is this?'
Usualy the answer is easy '10-FEET(right side of photo)'

But on this month is little bit strange.

The answer is ROTTEN GRAFFTY(left side).

This World(Apr 8th released)

Same timing as cherry blossom flowered, them genius flowered at last, after long years of hard work(?).

I think this is the best album for them career.
When you listen to this CD you will feel live music.
When you listen to this you will buy not other CDs, will buy the next live ticket

10-FEET and ROTTEN are getting major band in Japan(??), they still live in Kyoto.
There is very little probability that you will meet them.
If you have BIG luck you will meet them on the street or Good local bar(?).
I think almost same probability you meet Geiko or Maiko in Gion:-)


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