Kyoto Ohara not only temples but forest and,,

The song of spring is over .
The song of Green sunshine started to play.
I've visit Ohara.
Northeast of Kyoto city.

There is a very famous temple called Sanzen-in in Ohara.
Besides some popular temples, there are some hidden temples and sights in the forest.

A nice lady found me on the mountain road, and took me to the entrance of path to the Temple.
300 of Japanese maple trees welcomed me all the way to the gate .
Green moss was shinning everywhere.
It is called Amida-ji temple.
This beautiful temple is located in the middle of mountain .
I didn't meet anyone except the monk from the temple.
350years ago, there was a monk(founder of this temple) fasted himself then silently entered peaceful sleep.
The practitioners believed that they could become a living Buddha through training in the mountains(even the body dies, spirit will be alive for good).
When I entered this dark wet cave, I was frightened , then closed my eyes and opened after a while. There was no more fear left in my mind .
I was standing there for a long time and felt peace in deep sense.
I thought that I'm meant to be here.

Ohara is such beautiful and breath taking place.
I soak myself into the hot spring and heal the tiredness of daily life.
Rice fields,forests and flowers, snow in winter, waterfalls, and temples.
Welcome to my retreat.


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