A new and fun restaurant in Osaka

Recently we have noticed a new restaurant in the neighborhood of J-Hoppers Osaka. It's a restaurant of Tsukemen, it means cold noodles that you pour yourself in a bowl of soup and vegetables and meat, in opposition with ramen where you receive the noodles hot and poured in the bowl of soup yet. The soup of Tsukemen can also be cold, and the noodles served with icicle in summer. This is a meal I'm always happy to rediscover each year, as it makes me feel that summer has come.
But this new restaurant has something special : you have to eat your tsukemen in a very particular way ... First you receive the noodles (hot or cold) and the hot soup with pork meat and some vegetables (and eggs in option). Then you add minced onion to the soup, mix, and eat as usual. Once you've had a third of it, you're asked to press half of a lemon on it. Then you can start enjoying a new taste ! Another third of noodles later, it's time to try with a supplement of spices ... Take care to don't use to much ! Finally when you're done with the noodles, you generally still have some soup left. At this point, if it surely got cold. You could then just leave it but it would be a waste.

Then they simply thought about warming it up once again, in a funny way ... First you can dilute a little the soup to make it easier to drink, with hot dashi (kind of clear soup), then you receive a burning stone which is to be put in the soup. The stone is *very* hot and your soup will be soon bubbling furiously. Few seconds are enough to have it properly heated. Then take out the stone (still hot, take care !) and enjoy your soup till the last drop ... :-)

The restaurant's name : Tsukemen Misawa, open from 11:30 to 14:30 and from 17:00 to 24:00, open everyday, google map, around 800 yen.


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