Osaka Kaiyukan Shark Expo 2010

Shark Expo 2010 is a special exhibition highlighting sharks
in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Osaka Kaiyukan,
which is one of the largest aquarium in the world.

Kaiyukan is probably best remembered for Whale Shark.
Most of our guests go there to have a look at it,
and come back excitedly, all saying "so cool !!".

In the Expo, living and sample sharks are exhibited
and 3D films are shown, which is navigated by Sakana-kun,
who is well known as a finny tribe's goodwill ambassador.

The floor is consists of 5 zones,
[Welcome], [Ecology and Mistery of Sharks], [Touching]
[Episodes of Sakana-kun], and [Message from Kaiyukan].

Especially, [Touching Zone] comes highly recommended.
You are able to touch sharks and rays in the pool,
and enjoy feeling and comparing their actual skins.

This event is being held to January 10th, 2011.

Find out for yourself the mystery of sharks
which have more than 400 million years on earth.


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