Your next destination - Nagoya

I was asked that 'What's interesting in Nagoya?' by one of our guests the other day. However because of my lack of knowledge and experience about such a fun city, I couldn't give him enough information. At the almost same time, my friend who lives in Nagoya emailed me - 'I have found a nice restaurant, why don't you come over?'. What a interesting coincidence!

I was taken to a Mongolian restaurant (and this is what he said as a 'nice restaurant') located Nagoya's downtown - Sakae. There are many other ethnic food shops, Thailand, Bali and Turkey,,, and I was not sure why he choose this Mongolian place for our long time no see meeting. But as soon as I went into the inside, I found out the reason.

The waiters changed our cloths to Mongolian traditional costume. Thanks for their great effort, every guests and staffs had a charming Mongolian look in that restaurant.

We were served various kinds of Mongolian food in the Geru - the traditional house for Mongolian people.

As the party become bigger, suddenly unknown music started. It was a Mongolian birthday song. That day was a one of the customers' birthday and all the Mongolian staffs tried to make it great with their strength. That unknown Mongolian birthday song kept on and on and on forever and at last, we sang it and danced together without knowing it.

This is a suggestion from me, if you are sick of temples, anime culture thing or super tall buildings, your next destination might will be this hot place - Nagoya.


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