Autumn has come yet ?

Hi there !
This is Azusa. It's my first post on this BLOG !!

I'm very new of J-Hoppers Kyoto and KYOTO as well.

I've been here over 3 months ,and have been exploring around little by little.
It's very traditional and attractive here in Kyoto. That is why I moved in here !

My friends came over to Kyoto for a short trip the other day.

It was quite fun to see around as one of tourists.
We went to some of the popular places such as Gion and Kiyomizu temple.

One of my favorite place in Kyoto is Ninnaji Temple.

It takes about 20min' by city bus from Kyoto station.

It's a world heritage and builded in 888.
This place changes very diferently in each season.

We've found out that Autumn has come there already !!

Do you know why??

See this picture below ↓↓↓

Can you believe? Some of the maple leaves turned red already !!!
It was adorable to see them in Summer. NO! even before summer !

Kyoto is getting warmer, but I don't feel summer has come here yet.

I've seen beautiful cherry blossom there a month ago ! then now you can see maple leaves.

It feels like time flies sooooo fast !

If you want to feel Autumn before anyone else, go Ninnaji Temple!

The inside of the building is also amazing and very relaxing.

You can have a seat for a while :)

I had a great day off !

Ciao !


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