Because it is there - Mt. Hiei

The great alienist George Mallory once said this famous word as his motive for climbing the mountains – Because it is there. Well in Kyoto, a big mountain named Hiei zan (Mt. Hiei) lays behind the temples and buildings and a lot of people living in this city clime it even there is super comfortable transportation, rope way. I have been in Kyoto a year now and every time I see this mountain, I cannot stop feeling like ‘ I should go up.’ Because it is there.

One perfectly sunny day, I headed for the top of that mountain with other two girls. One of those has been climbing various mountains in Japan and has a lot of experiences. She has just come back from Himalayan, Nepal. What a reliable.
She told us before we climbed, ‘ this is quite an easy mountain. Good for the beginners like you’. I totally trust her not only because she is a great mountaineer, but also an honest person. But it is absolutely not what my expected ‘easy’ place (I thought it is a kind of hiking mountain). The mountain trails are steep and rocky. After 15 minutes climbing, both of my legs stared shaking and I was already soaked with sweat. Soon after I realized my physical limitations, I heard myself saying, ‘ Shall we have our lunch here, please?’

After lunch break, we happened to meet thousands of wild monkeys on the way to Enryaku-ji temple. We tried to say hello to them, however they were too busy to eat and sleep (oh, on the way back, we heard a scream that somebody was attacked by that pretty monkeys).

The view from Mt. Hiei is stunning. We could feel we were on the different world. When you are on the top of this mountain, you are surrounded by many temples and Buddhism things.

Whether you like to climb the mountains or not, sometimes it is good to be the higher places than you stay in the daily life. Let’s go to the mountains, because it is there!

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pascal said…
When I climbed Mt Hiei, I think I remember there was boards 'take care to the bears', maybe the scream you hear was not because of a monkey !!


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