Flower Candle Message

We have Golden Week holidays in the early May in Japan.
Golden Week is the longest vacation period of the year for many Japanese jobs. Many people go for travels and lot's of big events are held all over Japan during the holidays.

In Hiroshima, Hiroshima Flower Festival has been held every year during the holidays. It is the biggest event in town and there are a lot of stages, shops and other amusement attractions along Peace Boulevard and in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. A lot of concerts, parades, dancing shows, fashion shows, talk shows, traditional and contemporary performances featuring local citizens and other events are held throughout the area. More than one million people take part in the festival every year.

The Flower Candle Message event which takes place in Peace Memorial Park the evenings during the festival.

It is a display of hundreds of candles wrapped in messages calling for peace in the Peace Memorial Park. It is an opportunity for the many visitors in town for the Flower Festival to pay their respects to those who lost their lives in the A-bombing and its aftermath.

If you came to Hiroshima during Golden Week, don't miss this event. It's so pretty!


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