Go Go Hiroshima carp!

I went with some my friends and one of our staff 'Masa' and our guest 'Gar' a couple days ago to Mazda baseball stadium which was opened last year .

This was Masa's first time to go there so it was fun for her.

Hiroshima carp is the home team of Hiroshima.
I like to go to stadium to cheer for Hiroshima Carp rather than in my
house because cheering for them is sooo much fun :)

And there is special performance by the Hiroshima Carp in the 7th inning stretch.
We blow up many balloons fall onto the ground like this↓.

Today's sheets were very nice! it was covered with roof over it to
keep out the sun shine and rain out so it was very conformable. The tickets were only 1600yen.

Please go to stadium when you come to Hiroshima.it will be a great
fun !


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