Noto peninsula

I went on a road trip to Noto peninsula in Ishikawa prefecture with one of our guests .

It takes at least 2 hours to drive up to the edge of the peninsula from Kanazawa city.

Transportation in Noto peninsula is infrequent.So we recommend you to rent a car if you go there.
Although the weather wasn't good,it was good to drive along the coast line.

The highlight of our trip was Yase Cliff .Yase cliff sticking out to the sea measures up 55 meters in height above the sea level.That scared us.

Yase Cliff ↓

Rock formations are so unique

We went up to Wajima where is the largest town in Noto .
The town is well organized like Takayama.There is a morinig market that local people sell seafoods.

I took him to a Pachinko.It was first time for him to do it.Luckily he won.
So a meal of dinner was on him(yeah!!)


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