Rakumachi Rakuya 2010

Rakumachi Rakuya is the annual event held between the middle of May and the middle of June. There are various events such as the concert and exhibition, unique one is vinegar tasting. All events are taken place in Machiyas.

So, what is Machiya ? Machiya is traditional townhouses of the city's merchants usually with two floors. It is famous of small front and deep depth, and popularly called "eel's bed". It's because houses were taxed according to the extent of the street frontage, this design came from economic necessity.

There are characteristics in its appearance, koshi (lattice) , mushikomado (literally insect cage window) , shoki-san (the protective god) and more.


It's easy to see machiyas from the outside but difficult to see the inside. Do not miss this opportunity!


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