What a interesting apartment,KYOBASHI-KAIKAN!!

Hi there!!Today,I would like to introduce you to one of the valuable architectural structure of Hiroshima.You might have heard the architecture.(If you are interested in architecture though...)

It is called ''KYOBASHI-KAIKAN'' which is located near Hiroshima Station.
This apartment was built over 60 years ago!!However lots of people still live in the apartment!

The building stands on the periphery of the premises;thus a courtyard is naturally formed.
This style is called the City Block Style,standard in Europe bu rarely seem in Japan.

That's why,Since I visited there,I had never seem such a unique apartment before.
When I got there,I was so excited!!It is really old.I don 't thins most people like this and want to live there.But I really wanna do!!

If you are interested in architecture or work as a architect,Why don't you visit there??
More detail in this wepsite!!!


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