21 Century Museum of Contemporary Art at KANAZAWA

The other day、I went to Kanazawa.
There is a museum which I really want to visit!
I have told to many guest who want to go to Kanazawa
"Go this museum! This is great museum!"
Even I have never been to....

The name of museum is 21 Century Museum of Contemporary Art at KANAZAWA.

There were 3 exhibition in museum.
*Alternative Humanities: Jan Fabre × Katsura Funakoshi


*Tadasu Takamine Good House, Nice Body


I should not not talk specifics because you better to go there.
Just a my short impression is ... It was scary.

And there was a big surprise!
I found a vehicle which is "MEHVE "!!!!
This vehicle was in the film of Nausicaa of the valley(Japanese animation)

On day, I wish I could fly with this Mehve....


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