The Butterfly form Gifu(Gifu chou)

Hi,there.I have been watching world cup football lately.I have kept running short of sleep.
I am so happy the Japanese quad made through the group league yesterday.

By the way,You might happen hear about butterfly of Gifu called Gifu chou.
It was found at Kanayama town in Gifu prefecture 100 years ago.That butterfly is named as Gifu cho.
My father is butterfly collector. So I used to go catching butterfly with my father.
The butterfly only flies during May . I went to catch the butterfly last month.
It flies only when it is sunny with no wind.I managed to see some.

It is beautiful isn’t it.

↑My father keeps the young worn. I hope you don’t say they are creepy..
They will emerge from pupas next May. I can’t wait and see.


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