Do you like to take a pictrute?

Today I'm going to introduce you to about my favorite photographer.

His name is Masashi Asada.

He became famous in 2009 because of he won Ihei Kimura prize.

It is known as the gateway to success for new photographers.

I went to Mie Prefectural Museum of Art to see his exhibition at the end of May.

Here are pictures taken from the photo collection.

They may look like an ordinary fireman...but not.

It is made up of real his family members :)

He is famous for family photo of cosplay!!

Super Sentai

It means superhero team:)


It's also known as Yakuza.

Of course, the boss is his father!!

Drinky people

I've never seen the man wrap his tie around his head like a bandanna!

But, it's our vision of the drinky people :)

Rock Band

Lead singer is his mother!!

I enjoyed his view of the world very much :)

Landscape photograph are good,

but there are also unique pictures like this.

And, we are hanging pictures from our guests on the wall at J-hoppers!

We'd like you to to come and see them.

I think unique pictures should makes the journey even more enjoyable and memorable.


pascal said…
Oooh I know and love this photographer too ! It should be so much fun to make these pictures with his own family !
Once we should try the same with J-Hoppers staff !! ;-)
moco* said…
Thank you very much for your comment, Pascal-san:)

Really? You know him?!
I'm glad to hear that:)

I'm always enjoying your picture!

Yeah, I hope we'll take a picture with cosplay someday!!

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