Hello !

It is getting HOT and HUMID in Kyoto.
I'm not sure if I could endure this rainy season here..
I'm getting like a water ballo0n now!! :)

However, it is great to have some beautiful flowers in this time of period for sure.

By the time,
I had a chilled out holiday back to my hometown which is called Kawaguchiko, bottom of Mt.Fuji.

Look! this is the station that you could see BEAUTIFUL Mt.Fuji.
I am very proud of being a family member of this town.

On the way back home,
I was bring back the past like how I spend the time in childhood etc.
I felt very calm and grateful to have MY REAL HOME.

I live alone in Kyoto and do not say ' I'm HOME ' when I go back to my place.

This time I was kind of shouting out to say ' TADAIMA ' (I'm home) to my family at the entrance.

I thought no one was there.....
but my gramma slowly came out and said ' OKAERI '(welcome back) to me.
How peaceful it was !

Last of all,
I would love to introduce you the local speciality food that is called FUJIYOSHIDA Udon noodle.Water is very clear and tasty that area and noodles are amazingly yummy!
I had never bought a bottle of water for 18years because of that!

Official Mt.Fuji climbing season will be starting in a few weeks.
If you ever change to go over there, why don't you taste the local after climbing Fuji?

Ciao !


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