A New Type of Sauna Experience

中央揃えDokutsu mushiburo in Sensuijima (photo from their website)

Have you heard about Gamban-yoku before?

Gamban-yoku is a type of sauna that is popular in Japan especially among young females.

"Gamban" means bedrock, "Yoku" means to douse.Are you wondering how you can douse in bedrock?
The bedrocks are heated in a nice warm temperature and it’s inserted into the wall and floor. To douse into it, you simply lay down on the floor. Usually you do it with a T-shirt and a pair of shorts on which is provided by the bathhouse.

Just laying down there, you will be surprised at how much you can sweat!

Sweating is considered providing a good effect for your health. It improves the circulatory system and toxin comes out from your body with your sweat. Some Gamban-yoku bathhouses take in aromatherapy, so you can expect not only a detoxification effect but also a relaxation effect.

There is an island called Sensuijima near Fukuyama city (30min Shinkansen ride from Hiroshima). The whole island is kind of like a Spa resort and you can experience unique Gamban-yoku style sauna in caves.

I went there with a friend of mine last weekend. We took a day trip course for 2500yen includes 4 different baths and a lunch! Everyday from 3 in the morning, they put pine tree wood in the fire and put it in caves.Each caves get different type of Japanese herbs for relaxation effect.

After all the wood burns out, you can start Gamban-yoku style sauna with the residual heat.

A course that you should follow is set. Basically after 1 sauna you have lukewarm bath. One of the lukewarm baths was actually the ocean!! They call it “the world largest outdoor bath”:)

Anyway at the last sauna, I was sweating SO much (I don’t usually sweat much) and I felt very good. I though my skin looks brighter and better that when I first came in.

At the end, we had one last Onsen and went home.

Are you a little bit tired of traveling? Feel sore in you body?
Detoxification in Gamban-yoku is a cool (warm!?) way to heal your body!!

Sensuijima Island
Access: Shinkansen from Hiroshima to Fukuyama (30min)
Bus from Fukuyama to Tomonoura (30min)
Ferry ride (5min)

Website: http://www.sensuijima.jp/index.html


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